Robert Thornton illustration

Robert Thornton illustration

December 2nd 8pm | Austin seminary Hicks House

Queen of the Night is a story that centers around Stephen, a 63 year-old, recent divorcee, who takes his son, Ty, a millennial queer, on a camping trip to their old stomping grounds; a place Stephen took Ty often as a child. Stuck in the woods for a few days, no phone, and only their memories, Stephen and Ty must reckon with the past in this present wilderness. Queen of the Night explores masculinity and queerness through the lens of multi-generational Blackness. Read more…


March 21- April 6 Antigonick a translation of Sophocles’s Antigone by Anne Carson, Directed by Diana Lynn Small


February 23 Birdskin, Or What Do You Do For Money, Honey by Eva Suter

Spring TBD Music Play Untitled by Henna Chou