Works Progress Austin series

FREE performance Dec 22 at 8pm

Casta is inspired by a series of casta paintings by Miguel Cabrera, a mixed-race painter from Oaxaca.  Casta paintings were a unique form of portraiture that organized racial mixtures of the New World according to a hierarchy defined by Spanish elites. The complexities of contemporary racial identity(ies) are echoed in this distant mirror of casta paintings. How do Old World anxieties about ambiguous racial identity reflect contemporary biases?

This is the third WPA workshop for Casta. In this current draft, the creative team is incorporating puppetry, expanding music by composer Graham Reynolds and exploring bilingual text. After a week of developing these new elements, audiences are invited to witness the piece in its current form. READ MORE... Reserve a seat...


SVTV Workshop: January 2018

Intro to TV Writing: Creating The Show Bible

4 classes: 6- 10pm Jan 7, Jan 24, Feb 7, and Feb 21st

(AUSTIN, TX) –  Salvage Vanguard Theater announces SVTV, a new series of television-writing workshops, exclusively for playwrights. With playwrights taking the lead in some of television's most exciting shows, SVTV will offer Austin-based writers the opportunity to develop professional-grade TV scripts and pitches.  Read more...

This September SVT’s Florinda Bryant and Austin playwright Diana Lynn Small will join Jenny Larson at the helm of Salvage Vanguard Theater as Co-Producing Artistic Directors.  Florinda Bryant, an actress, producer, and playwright, is an SVT company member and staff member. She has been an activist and artist in Austin for the past 20 years working with Rude Mechs, Teatro Vivo and many more. Diana Lynn Small, a playwright, actress, and producer, has an MFA from the Michener Center at UT Austin. Her piece Mad and A Goat performed in rep with SVT’s Guest by Courtesy in Brooklyn in July 2016 and her piece Hot Belly premiered locally with the company Paper Chairs this past fall. Larson, Small and Bryant will collectively guide the vision of the organization.