SVT’s Sponsored Projects

Salvage Vanguard has a long history of being a community minded organization. Helping small arts organizations and emerging artists grow their craft. Through their sponsor projects program they provide fiscal and administrative support for Trouble Puppet Theater, Church of the Friendly Ghost, Silky Shoemaker, HeckleHer, Viceroys, and Riders Against The Storm.

Heckle Her

Heckle Her is a process-focused company led by playwright/producer Adrienne Dawes. Heckle Her produces original comedies for stage and screen that feature women and people of color.  Heckle Her aims to create bold, exciting new works that can "actually sing." 

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Church of the Friendly Ghost


Church of the Friendly Ghost is a 100% volunteer-run arts organization supporting creative expression and counter-culture community.

The group originally formed at an old church on the east side in 2003 and over the years has included rotating casts of volunteers, artists, local audience and long distance pen-pals. The organization has presented over one thousand events to date including concerts, art exhibitions, workshops, film screenings and other adventurous excursions. In 2007 CotFG became a sponsored project of SVT and holds monthly events at the theater. 

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The Trouble Puppet Co.

Trouble Puppet Theater Company is dedicated to the creation of exceptional works of puppet theater, to the promotion of the art of puppetry, and to the support of its practitioners. They dig as deeply as they can into the possibilities that puppetry offers, in its many forms and styles, and seek to balance risk and exploration with a drive for excellent craft and technique. Their work is inspired not only by their artistic passion but by their social, political, and human convictions: that there can be no end to the struggle for knowledge and compassion, against injustice and intolerance.

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