SVT at FUSEBOX 2013: Guest by Courtesy and River of Gruel


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Salvage Vanguard presents Guest By Courtesy by Hannah Kenah and Jenny Larson

April 18th, 19th, and 20th at 3pm at the Scottish Rite

Come ye. Come ye and observe this sorry entry into that hopeful realm of female comedy.

In the deeply pro-feminist setting of a masonic hallway, Hannah Kenah and Jenny Larson stage a two-women, one-man, two-arms, one couch, imaginary props, terrible miming, genre-bending, era-bending, woman-bashing, man-worshipping show that plumbs the depths of desperation and duration.

Guest by Courtesy pretends to answer the question, what the fuck should a girl do with all her spare time, and decisively proves that women are not sane. Two cousins – one poor and single, one rich and married – wage their bizarre relationship over the course of a failing afternoon tea. The work was developed by Jenny Larson, artistic director of Salvage Vanguard Theater, and Hannah Kenah, company member, performer and writer for the Rude Mechs, and scored by Graham Reynolds, Austin’s best-loved composer of all things brilliant.

Come and see them not know what kind of show they are making. A dance show? A clown show? A play? Discover how much you can tolerate. Test the limits of your patience for women floundering.

“Larson and Kenah, with perfect comic timing and tempo, keep us laughing for a good solid hour” – Austin Chronicle

Created by Hannah Kenah and Jenny Larson

Written by Hannah Kenah

Performed by Jason Hays, Hannah Kenah, and Jenny Larson

Original score by Graham Reynolds

Special thanks to our guest directors Will Davis and Kathy Catmull, and the extraordinary understudy, stage manager, and jack of all trades Jay Byrd.


River of Gruel, Pile of Pigs: The Requisite Gestures of Narrow Approach by Sibyl Kempson

April 22nd, 23rd, and 24th at 8:30pm at Rude Mechs OFFShoot

River of Gruel, Pile of Pigs: The Requisite Gesture(s) of Narrow Approach is a collaboration between the representatives of four Austin, TX theater companies (Physical Plant, Rubber Rep, Rude Mechs, and Salvage Vanguard Theater) and the playwright Sibyl Kempson, for the purpose of making a new theater piece.

The group has been gathering together four times a year (once a season) in both New York and Austin, since March 2010, in a chaotic work format known as a Pig Pile. This grunting and confused conglomeration of squirming and squealing and snorting, with no discernible leader or centralized structure - neither of narrative nor of process - began to blindly assemble an unwieldy and highly associative collection of seemingly unrelated imagery, geography and aromas, that over time and layers of work begins to reveal an emerging, intimately connected web of enfolded and implicate mythology.

It is one of five New Dramatists/Full Stage USA Commissions for new work at different regional venues across the country. The piece will premiere at Fusebox 2014.

If you have any items made of wood that you wish to have preserved for all time, you may bring them with you to the occasion.