Civilization (All You Can Eat)

Written by Jason Grote
Directed by Jenny Larson

February 16 - March 3, 2012
All shows at Salvage Vanguard Theater

You can have a life that means something. Ignore the rage. Fight the desperation. Forget the existential fear and rise up. Embrace the violence. Spout bullshit. Masturbate too much. Get rich and famous. Star in your own reality show. Just stop wallowing in the muck and get a fucking job. Be more than you are and commit to staying alive. CIVILIZATION (all you can eat).

Set against the 2008 Obama campaign, this dark comedy explores the lives of seven city dwellers looking for more. A frustrated filmmaker, a suicidal comic, a career waitress, an amateur porn star, a failed academic, a fame-hungry actress, and a feral factory hog all pass under the gaze of an indifferent universe.