Hamilton Township

Written by Jason Grote
Directed by Jenny Larson

May 30 - June 28, 2008 at Salvage Vanguard Theater
2803 Manor Road

A world premiere of sex, drugs, and Bartles & James

As a toxic storm rages outside, the old lady sleeps, soundly, on her couch. Jason and Babydoll wait, trapped in her home, with a full case of the hag’s wine coolers. Neither is sure why they’re there. They only know who’s pulling the strings: the nameless, hard-rockin’ hedonist who orchestrated their very special evening. 

Based on a true story, Hamilton Township marries memoir, horror, punk rock and a New Jersey suburb to tell a story about adolescence, the nature of evil — and the worst party in the history of ever. 

Featuring: Kristen Bennett, Jude Hickey, Lana Dieterich, and Joey LePage.

Photographs by Erica Nix

Hamilton Township moves as most SVT shows move: like it was blasted pell-mell from a powerful weapon. But I don’t want to give too much away … Hamilton Township is a rare and delicious slice of performance: funny, frightening, visceral, violent, and totally unforgettable.”
“A hellish storm may be brewing … but inside the walls of SVT, the artists are still producing original, youthful, rocking theatre to make Austin proud.”
—Barry Pineo, Austin Chronicle
“Leave the kids with a sitter for this one, because this is about as far from childrens theater as you can get. For those ready for some thoughtful, if disturbing, entertainment though, step right up to Hamilton Township.”
—Ryan E. Johnson, Austin.com