Written by Ryan Pavelchik
Directed by Jason Neulander

March 31 - May 6, 2006
All shows at The Woodward Hotel, 3401 S. IH-35

“If you’re not looking at people, people will look at you. You can see it.”
— Anonymous

A young man, dressed in uniform, awakes in a motel room. With the aide of the television, alarm clock and his digestive tract, he dissects and confronts his past. Set in a motel room. Performed in a motel room.

Static will leave your guts wrenched, your mind reeling and your heart touched.

“Pavelchik’s daring choice to move from de-constructed to constructed springboarding from the now well-entrenched methods of ‘postmodern‘ playwriting to create a distinctly contemporary, epically hopeful piece is a refreshing step forward for all us who are tired of watching modern playwrights compete for the title of ‘most randomly and pointlessly fucked up’.”
— Jonothon Morgan, Austinist
“Werzner’s comfort and credibility in shifting between complacency and outrage rendered his a must-see performance.”
— Tommy O’Malley, The Austin American-Statesman
“Werzner is an engaging actor with a free and open instrument, and Pavelchik’s script allows him to visit places of which many actors only dream.”
— The Austin Chronicle

Brent Werzner
Photo by Sarah Bork Hamilton

“Look, I’ve committed a crime…
I don't know how, I don't know how I happened this way,
I’m not a unified organism anymore. I’m dissolving into parts.
I need to go back and look at the evidence, how things got separated.
I’m gonna try and separate them further,
He separates the items on the desk into fours. The tequila in one corner, the snickers, the loaf of white bread and the water in their own corners.
see if I can put myself back together, coordinate myself.
He draws a neck and head growing off the coastal border of California
I only brought what I think I need to try this…”
— Josh in Ryan Pavelchik’s Static