Ajax (por nobody)


Written by Alice Tuan
Directed by Jason Neulander

October 15 - November 6, 2004 at The Church of the Friendly Ghost
209 Pedernales Street

Annette is throwing the perfect party, but when the fates intervene, tragedy ensues. Greek mythology, in all its sexuality, magic, and gore, meets the LA porn industry.

We presented a reading of this show as part of our Birthday Bash and it polarized the audience. Sam Lipman told us it was one of the three best plays he’s seen in Austin (keep in mind that for this actors were reading from scripts!) and our board member Will Dibrell said: “Jason, I have to tell you that I hated Ajax.” Funny, titillating, and ultimately very disturbing, Ajax will not leave you unmoved. Is Ajax ingenious or just indulgent? You be the judge.

Not for kids and not for the timid.

“Sick and twisted work of brilliance … funny as hell. … We’re damned if we don’t start clanging bells and blowing horns and urging you to see it.”
The Austin Chronicle, October 29, 2004

“Gratuitous … shock for shock’s sake.”
The Austin American-Statesman, October 21, 2004