The Cry Pitch Carrolls

Written by Ruth E. Margraff
Directed by Jason Neulander
Live Music by Golden Arm Trio

Halloween through November 22 at The Off Center
2211-A Hidalgo Street

Imagine you had a friend who had the most beautiful, original, vivid dreams. Now imagine you could see them…

Ruth E. Margraff is that friend. The Cry Pitch Carrolls is her dream...

Salvage Vanguard Theater is proud to present the revival of its award-winning production of Ruth E. Margraff’s nostalgic nuclear winter Xmas opera The Cry Pitch Carrolls, featuring original live music by Golden Arm Trio. Strange and beautiful, The Cry Pitch Carrolls tells the story of a young mother and her infant child, a town of widows where it never stops snowing, and a lost poodle named Snowball.

“Nothing less than a small miracle.”
The Austin Chronicle on SVT’s 1999 production
“Riveting ... Only once in a long while have we seen anything this mesmerizingly original.”
The Austin American-Statesman on the 1999 production

“We love revivals — well, when the original material is as good (and original) as this odd little musical that combines a living Pietà with three lonely widows and a lost dog in a Salvage Vanguard Theater production.”
The Austin American-Statesman, August 28, 2003


 Lee Eddy, Elizabeth Doss, and Shawn Sides

Lee Eddy, Elizabeth Doss, and Shawn Sides

 Shawn Sides, Elizabeth Doss, and Lee Eddy

Shawn Sides, Elizabeth Doss, and Lee Eddy

Photographs by Sarah Bork Hamilton