Fugitive Pieces

Written by Caridad Svich
Directed by Jason Neulander
Music by Chris Black

February 22 - March 16, 2002
at Hyde Park Theatre


“Welcome to Salvage Vanguard’s arresting production of Caridad Svich’s brutal and violently poetic Fugitive Pieces: A Play With Songs. … This is definitely a show to see.”
—Jamie Smith Cantara, The Austin American-Statesman, February 25, 2002
“Director Jason Neulander wrings performances from his actors that are likely to land them in the spotlight come awards time. … The long moments between dialogue … impart a sense of desolation that hits my aesthetic sense just right.”
—Wayne Allen Brenner, The Austin Chronicle, March 1, 2002

Award-winning playwright Caridad Svich tells a road story for a new America. Downcast Mary is a young woman grown brick-tough from run-ins with the law. Troubled John is a dreamer who cobbles together worlds in his mind to escape to when his frail body buckles. Together, these two drifters make their way across a patchwork America, scraping together food, shelter, and a path to redemption. Gritty and sweet, terrifying and uplifting, Fugitive Pieces offers a fractured glimpse into the underbelly of America.

The designers include set by Stephen Pruitt (Requiem for Tesla), lighting by Diana Duecker (Wallpaper Psalm and Tilt Angel), and costumes by Meredith Moseley (Tilt Angel). The sound design and music, which is played on a custom-made instrument created from found metal and glass, is by Jeremy Lee and Chris Black (Tilt Angel). The instrument is called Doris.

“Beautifully directed by JASON NEULANDER … another simple, but effective set … this time by STEPHEN PRUITT … another talented cast … led magnificently by JUDSON L. JONES … in a truly remarkable performance as troubled john … he’s staggering … and COREY GAGNE deftly showing his depth as Israfel and numerous other characters … joined by LEE EDDY … a great comedic actor … but I love her in strong dramatic roles … and her Mary is powerful … and BEVERLY BEJEMA extremely, expressively, effectively ‘providence’ in a suitable non-verbal way … ANOTHER MUST SEE …”
—Larry McGonigal, Odds and Evens, March 1, 2002

Photographs by Sarah Bork Hamilton