The Intergalactic Nemesis

Written by Ray Colgan, Jessica Reisman, Jason Neulander, Julia Edwards, and Lisa D’Amour
Directed by Jason Neulander
Live Foley Art by Buzz Moran
Live Original Music by Golden Arm Trio

May 29 and 30, 2000 at The State Theatre
8th Street and Congress Avenue

Based on the 1996 version by Ray Colgan, Jessica Reisman, Julia Edwards, and Lisa D'Amour, this Nemesis was performed on a grand scale at the 300-seat State Theater in downtown Austin. Replete with live sound effects and original music, the show captured the imagination of more than 250 people in its live performance. But the live performance was only the beginning. The company digitally recorded the production with the goal of airing it on the radio and, in December 2000, released the CD for broadcast and for sale on its web site.

The response to The Intergalactic Nemesis by the audience was wildly enthusiastic. The Austin Chronicle had this to say: “Participation in the live taping of a radio show is … historic. We happy few will have the backstory when the tapes come out, and we alone will know how Moran and Co. made those squishy Martian sounds.”