RE:SET- Scenography for Austin, Texas by IA ENSTERÄ

Ia Ensterä's work as a designer in Austin spans several decades, and 89 shows (and counting!). The vast majority of us have worked on sets she's created, or attended performances shaped by her vision. It's fair to say that she's had an enormous impact on our dear theater community.

This summer, she and her family will be moving to her native Finland, where she has been accepted into an MFA program in scenic design.

And if she thought she could sneak out of town without a huge send-off, she's got another thing coming! 

On Monday, April 20th, join us from 7:00 - 10:00 PM in the Salvage Vanguard Theater gallery, where we'll officially open a 3-week long exhibit of Ia's work as a scenic designer in Austin. Raise a glass, and join us as we all feel the feelings and start a long farewell to one of Austin's most talented, kind, generous and prolific artists! 

The Austin Critics Table Awards didn't name her "Best Valkyrie of the Set" for nothing! 

And if you see a piece of art that you'd particularly like to own, please don't hesitate to let Ia know. Trust us - there's going to be some absolutely delectable eye candy in the house.