10.07 Works

Ian Cion, Painter and Carter Cox, Sculptor

The gallery’s newest exhibition will feature Ian Cion and Carter Cox. The show entitled “10.07 Works”opens on October 4 with a reception from 6-10:00pm and will run through November 3. There will be an Artist’s Talk on Saturday, October 27th at 3pm and you’re invited.

Ian Cion

Artist Statement

It is a true pleasure to paint. The experience is like doing an archeological dig on a strange and beautiful planet.

As an artist, I aim to provide experiences that are more similar to watching clouds than to watching televisions. With this group of paintings, I don’t exactly say: this is a bird growing out of a tree branch growing out of a cathedral spire, yet, for me, this vision is in there - a clear (but almost secret) part of the painting. For you, you might see a hound riding in the back of a truck through a field of sugar cane while a volcano erupts in the background.

My three-year-old nephew Jack told me that the paintings were of “Space Water”. When I asked him what he meant by Space Water he said “Earth Milk,” looking at me as if I were missing the obvious.

Maybe the whole point of these paintings is contained in this exact moment when the two of us come together and help each other see something that we did not see before, when we are surprised to discover something that lay hidden from us in plain sight, something that was there all along, but took a fresh way of seeing to uncover.


Ian Cion graduated with a degree in Literature and Writing from Columbia University; New York, New York in 1997. His work has been shown in numerous local and international exhibitions and community collaborations. His work has been exhibited at the Austin Museum of Art, the Dell Children’s Hospital, the Austin Museum of Digital Art, Gallery Lombardi in Austin, Texas, Gallery Sabine in Paris, France, Gaia Gallery in Amsterdam and the Kikkok Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand.

Carter Cox

Artist Statement

What a curious condition is our earthly existence; we are awash in natural phenomena for which there is no ultimate explanation. Our gifts for reasoning have yielded a great deal of practical information about our environment of vibration, pattern, light, particles, networks, organisms and invisible forces. We in turn adapted them to our use in endlessly advancing technologies. However, there are also allegorical and spiritually based knowledge systems that offer more holistic guidance. My work is informed by this patchwork of sources, ever in flux, drawn from both modes of inquiry, to establish resonance between our human self-consciousness and the cacophony that surrounds us. My work occupies the ragged fringes of fact and faith, seeking threads that might be spliced.

My art is a technology that allows me to take hold of abstract ideas about phenomena and bring them into a sculptural space that is accessible to me and my audience. Its instruments are the talents of the hand and the esoteric of the heart; an architecture that alloys the born and the made. Intense engagement with apt materials is of central importance to my work. Where I discover a harmony between the formal potential in a material and the idea it will substantiate, my inventiveness is most fertile. It is not burdened by the necessity of arriving at certainty or clarity. More stimulating for me is the state of awareness that something is happening and following it, one small revelation leading to another.


Carter Cox graduated with an MFA and a Design Award in Excellence II in Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island in 2002. His work has been exhibited at SEU Fine Art Gallery in Austin, Texas, Gallery 825 in Los Angeles California, RISD Museum in Road Island, the Nancy (Group Show) in Brooklyn, New York, the Arizona/New Mexico Invitational GOCAIA, and the Joseph Gross Gallery in Tucson, Arizona.