PLUSH THE SEA by Kristin Hogan

For this last show in the Salvage Vanguard lobby gallery, the indefatigable Kristin Hogan has created dozens of original plush versions of oceanic creatures – squid, lampreys, herring, octopodes, skates, nautili, barracuda, even (rumor has it) a huge coelacanth, and more – and hung them among strands of fabricated kelp throughout the soaring space. Fact: Davy Jones' Locker has never been quite so kawaii as this super-fishial extravaganza.

Reception: Sat., May 28, 4-6pm.

An Invitation To Sleep


(AUSTIN) The gallery at Salvage Vanguard Theater (SVT) will host a multimedia exhibition from Brooklyn ensemble Hearsay & Hyperbole, led by Alexis Powell. “An Invitation to Sleep” begins with an opening party with dream-inspired songs performed by Hearsay & HyperboleGlass Anchors, Aux AuxPastel Mountain and friends on Tuesday, December 29th, from 8:30pm – 10:30pm.

The installation can be viewed Tuesday December 29th thru January 1st from 6:30pm to 9:30pm or by

“An Invitation to Sleep” is an ever-evolving exploration of the at-once personal and impersonal experience of dreaming of another person, particularly those we have lost or who are missing from our lives. The piece began as a video installation by Alexis Powell in the Golden Rule gallery in Portland, OR, where the viewers could spend the night in exchange for dreams collected in the morning.  In 2013, Powell's interactive audio installation “Dream Collector” was comprised of dreams had by participants at sleepovers she coordinated in libraries, galleries and train stations in Copenhagen as part of the Danish International Visiting Artists Residency Grant.  

Presently, encouraged by a recent Brooklyn Arts Council Grant, Powell has spent the last 8 months inviting Brooklyn-based artists to participate in sleepovers in spaces around NYC, and the collected dream data is being used to create a multimedia performance which will be performed at BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange in December of 2015.  A version of that performance and installation will be exhibited in Salvage Vanguard Theater’s gallery during the final days of December.  

The performance is being devised by Hearsay & Hyperbole, the voice, video, and performance group of Alexis Powell and a rotating cast of collaborating musicians, dancers, and performers.  At present the company is made up of Jessica Asch, Annie Sicherman, Sam Stein, and Candace Thompson.  

Event Information:
An Invitation to Sleep
Opening Reception – Tuesday, December 29th, 8:30pm to 10:30pm
On View Through January 1, 2016 6:30pm to 9:30pm
@ Salvage Vanguard Theater (
2803 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722

About Hearsay & Hyperbole
Hearsay & Hyperbole is the voice, video and performance project of Alexis Powell, a Brooklyn-based performer, musician, teacher, creative arts therapist, and multi-media artist.  Her work focuses on exploring the liminal states of memory, nostalgia, dreaming, and the ways in which human beings connect, correspond, and collaborate in the unconscious realm. Alexis is a 2015 Brooklyn Arts Council grantee for her experiential multimedia project “An Invitation to Sleep”.  Alexis was a performer and crew on Gina Telaroli’s experimental documentary HERE’S TO THE FUTURE!, which premiered in the 2014 Migrating Forms festival at BAM.  Alexis has collaboratively created and performed several original performance pieces as Hearsay & Hyperbole, including “Thank You For Calling”, which has been performed at Dixon Place (most recently in the 2014 Hot! Festival) and Provincetown Playhouse.  In 2013, Alexis was a recipient of the Danish International Visiting Artists Residency Grant. Alexis holds an MA from NYU in drama therapy and is a licensed creative arts therapist. For more information, please visit:

About Salvage Vanguard Theater: Salvage Vanguard Theater is a nonprofit arts organization located in Austin, Texas, committed to fostering a dynamic exchange between visionary artists and audiences new to their work. To that end, Salvage Vanguard Theater seeks to combine explosive energy with expert technique, creating forms that defy tradition and define new American theater. We are a hub for Austin artists, audiences, and arts organizations, SVT creates and presents transformative high-quality artistic experiences that foster experimentation and conversation.

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Messes Messes Messes by Gretchen Phillips

November 5th- 22nd 2015

Opening reception November 14th 3- 7pm. 

Gretchen's musings on "Messes"- How do we respond when we see inside things splayed outside?  For example: feelings that are supposed to be kept to ourselves, or perhaps mattresses on the street?  How do we respond when we enter someone's home and it's a mess, messier than our own?  Do we have judgments?  Do we want to clean up this mess?  Or do we want to escape quickly before we're asked to clean up this mess?  What if it's a pile of stuff that's just been dumped in public, like, "Here, I've pulled this crap out from inside, now you deal with it.  I simply can not deal anymore."  When I see a mattress in the rain placed next to an insufficiently small waste bin, I think, "This is as far as they could interact with this unwanted thing." 

            A hot dog dropped and left on the floor of the Ikea elevator is somewhat amusing.  Homes and hotels in former Yugoslavia bombed and ransacked and left to the elements as reminders that people can be so cruel to each other are not.

            My father was a hoarder and my mother is a neat freak.  Both of those compulsions live inside me.  If I want to clean up my messes I need to take the time to actually sift thru their contents, feel the feelings that seeing the objects elicit, and discard what's no longer useful.  Ideally I do this with another person present so that I needn't feel totally alone with what a hot mess I am.

            Ultimately I find it comforting to see how messy and imperfect people are.  It's like, You mean it's not just me?

Roberto Benavidez: SERRATE

October 3rd- 24th 2015. 

Opening exhibit on October 3rd, 3- 6pm. 

Roberto Benavidez is a self-described 'half-breed, south Texan, queer' artist based in Los Angeles. Benavidez experimented with traditional craft forms, and now specializes in sculpturally elegant and fantastical piñatas. Roberto’s mixed cultural heritage, history and identity, and interest in high and low art forms has resulted in a philosophy and practice that spans a series of intersections between self and culture. 

“It is these intersections that reveal the most about me as an artist who grew up closeted in the 80s, at odds with both white and latino peers, constantly encountering judgment and fear.” Artist Roberto Benavidez says “I see myself as a bridge between worlds, respectfully blending disparate elements to provoke thought and transform cultural practices.”

Opening reception October 3rd 3- 6pm. 
Exhibit running October 3rd- October 24th 2015

Gallery Hours: Thursday- Saturday evenings, during performances. Or by appointment:

Rex Sterling Hamilton Art: The Cosmic Union of Internal Divison

photo (50).PNG

You want to see some excellent pop-culture portraiture and beautifully rendered mystical patternmaking? This solo show by artist Rex Sterling Hamilton – with its stunning, oversized image of Salvador Dali on silver mylar, for one example – will reward your rapt perusal. Reception: Sat., Aug. 22, 3-5pm.

Find his work here: